Organize your project

You may want to organize your project by modules, by business processes, by type of tests… Choose the way that is right for you. We have developed 2 features to help you with this: folders & tags



Click this button toggle to toogle between the list of Scenarios or Folder tree. By default the root folder has the name of the project.

You can add a description and tags to your Folder.

Within the Subfolders section you can:

  • create new folders
  • select folders to delete them or move them into another parent Folder
  • select folders to clone them in another project
  • manage tags

Within the Scenarios section you can:

  • create new Scenarios
  • select Scenarios to delete them or move them into another Folder
  • manage tags

They are some good practices that we recommend when it comes to organize your project: check our post here: Organize your project by features not by sprint!


You can add tags to different objects: Scenarios, Folders, Action Words and Tests. These tags are useful when you need a multi dimension organization of your data: priorities, type of tests…

The tag can be a simple label or have the format key:value. For example a tag could be priority:1label and key fields should not contain any special character or space. The search feature available in the different pages (Scenario, Action Word and Test Run) can be used to search for objects based on tags and names.

And of course you can combine folders and tags for a better organization! You may use folders to organize your project by modules and tags to manage priorities…