Import feature file

Hiptest enables you to upload feature files written using Gherkin syntax (Cucumber, SpecFlow…)

STEP 1: activate the Gherkin option

In your project settings, activate the BDD mode option.

Hiptest Agile test management tool (20)

This will enable the step editor to interpret the Gherkin syntax and only action words (reusable steps) will be created.

STEP 2: import a feature file

For a good project organization, your features are managed with folders.

After activating the BDD mode, in the folder page, a new button appears in the subfolders toolbar:

Hiptest Agile test management tool (23)

You can upload your feature files by clicking on this button or using the drag-and-drop function.

After uploading the feature files, new subfolders are created under the current folder and represents the imported features with their descriptions, tags, scenarios, scenario outlines, examples…

The Gherkin steps will be converted into action word calls. If the action word does not exist, it will be created.

If there is an existing folder with the same name in the same hierarchy level, the new folder name will be suffixed with a number. For example, an existing folder is named “Support internationalisation”, the new one will be named “Support internationalisation (1)”.

Note: Only “.feature” extension is accepted. Otherwise, an error will be displayed.