Quick start

We strongly recommend you to look at the 2 project samples. These projects are generated when you sign up. It will help you to be familiar with the concepts of Hiptest: scenario, action word, test run… You can delete them at any time.


Ready  to go now with your first project?

Step 1: create a Project

Go to the project list. To create a new project, click on New button and write the name (My first project!) and click on Create. Then you access directly to your project Dasboard.

My first project

Step 2: Create a Scenario

Go to the scenarios page using the left menu. Create a new scenario named Login.

create a scenario

You can add a description to this scenario. Then start writing your first step, an action: “Do log in with Jon as username and Newcorp as password” and click on Create action.

add first step

Add a second step, a check: “Check that user is logged in” and click on Create result.

add second step

Congratulation, you have created your very first (and simple) scenario! Let’s execute it.

Step 3: Execute a Scenario

Go to the test runs page using the left menu. Create a new test run named Test Sprint 1.

create test run

Select your test run.

my new test run

Select the test Login and click on Add result button. Set the result to passed.

add a test result

You can see that the status of your test has been updated in the left column. Click on the test run name (left column) to view the summary.

End of the tour!

You are done! Now you can start your first project. We also recommend you to learn other key features of Hiptest like action word, refactoring and Hiptest publisher if you plan to automate your tests and integrate with your CI process.