Generating metrics

The metrics panel inside an Hiptest project gives you the possibility to generate various type of metrics about your project.
Simply click on the “Add new chart” button and select the type of metrics you want to be displayed.

Menu used to create a new chart

Those metrics show the current status of your project, so every time you open the page, the charts will be generated with the live data.

We’ll now explain each of metrics type you can create.

Based on tag key

This type of metric is based on the tags you set on the scenarios of your project. It only takes into account the key/value tags (for example “priority: 1”).
It generates a pie-chart in which, for each different values used in the tags, the number of associated scenarios are counted.

For example, let’s consider this scenario list:

A list of tagged scenarios in Hiptest

If we generate a tag key metric based on the “priority” tag key, we’ll get the following pie-chart:

Chart showing the number of scenario by priority

As we can see in the chart, we have two scenarios having a priority set to 1, one scenario having a priority set to 2 and two scenarios having the priority 3.

Compare multiple tags

As the previous metric type, this one is based on the tags that have been set on the scenarios. In this one, you can select multiple tags and compare the number of scenarios linked to each one, represented by a pie-chart.

Let’s consider again this list of scenarios:

A list of tagged scenarios in Hiptest

If we create a metric comparing the use of the tags “todo”, “wip” and “in-production”, we would obtain the following pie-chart:


Here, we can see that two scenarios have a tag “wip”, one has a tag “todo” and two have the tag “in-production”.