Enable fast links with tags

An easy way to link scenarios and folders in Hiptest with issues in your tracker is to enable fast links on tags.

Creating a linker

The idea is to dedicate a tag key that will generate links to your issue tracker. For example, let’s consider you use GitHub as the issue tracker for your project. In the scenarios and folders, you will add tags “GH: <number of the issue in Github>” like in the screenshot below:

Adding tags on the folders

Note that the key you choose is entirely up to you, you could also name it “US” for user stories for example.

Now that you have those tags set, go to the project settings and scroll to the “fast links on tags” menu.
Click on the “Create new linker” button and you will see a form displayed:

Creating a new linker.png

You will have to fill in three fields:

  • The name of the linker: it might be useful if you need to manage multiple links (for example a Trello board and a GitHub issue tracker)
  • The tag key on which the links will be applied: in our previous example, this would be “GH
  • The URL to generate: copy the link to an issue in your issue tracker and paste it to this field, then replace the id of the issue by “%s“. This way, the id will be replaced by the value set of the tags having the “GH” key. There is a cheat sheet lower in the document telling the URL to generate for the most common tools.

The last thing to do is to choose the colours you want to be applied for those tags, this way you will easily recognise which tags are links to your issue tracker.
Click on the “create” button and you all all set.

Now, if you go back to a scenario having a tag “GH“, you will see that the color is applied and clicking on the icon of the tag will open the corresponding GitHub issue:

Tag linking to Github.png

Cheat sheet for most common tools


For GitHub (cloud version), the URL to set is:

https://github.com/<your company name>/<your repository name>/issues/%s

The key for the tags is the number after the # sign shown after the issue name (would be 58 in screenshot below):

Getting Github issues id.png


To link a Trello card, the URL to use is:


The key to use for the tags can be seen in the following screenshot:

Getting Trello card ids


For Gitlab, the URL to use to link to an issue is:

https://gitlab.com/<your company name>/<your project name>/issues/%s

The key to use for the tags its after the # sign when looking at the issue (would be 1 in the following screenshot)

Getting Gitlab issue id.png