Project lifecycle


Create project

Go to the Project list (by clicking the Hiptest icon hiptest_icon in the upper left corner). To create a new project just write the name and click “Create a new project”

Import existing tests

If you have existing tests, you can import them from an Excel file. First, download the template Excel file to have a look at the expected format for the import.

Then fill the template file with your own test cases and import this file into Hiptest. You can create a new project or import them into an existing one.


Voila_Capture 2015-08-05_05-09-53_PM

Once your are in your project, you can clone it or download a backup.

When cloning a project, Hiptest will create a new one with a copy of your scenarios and action words. No test run will be duplicated.


The backup feature will create an XML file of your project including: scenarios, action words and test runs. You can save this file in your own version control system. You’ll be able to recreate your project at anytime with this file. Just ask our support for the procedure:

Delete project

To delete a Project, go to the Dashboard page and click on the trash icon delete item. Your project will be deleted and removed from the list of your projects.