Create a test run for your external tests

You can now use Hiptest to manage the test results for tests that were not written in Hiptest (for example your Unit tests).

There are some few prerequisites for that:

  • Your tests must produce a report supported by Hiptest: jUnit XML, NUnit XML TAP format, Robot Framework, MsTest and Android studio are the ones currently supported.
  • You need the cURL tool installed on the machine you use to run the tests.

Step 1 – Create an external test run

Go to the test runs page and create a test run dedicated to your test suite. On the screen, select the last option to make this test run dedicated to external test results.

Hiptest Agile test management tool (27)

Step 2 – Integrate with your CI tool

Once the test run is created, you will see a “Push results” button in the “… Plus” menu, clicking it will show the needed commands to push the results:

Opening the Plus menu

In the menu, once you select the test results format, you will obtain the command line you need to use to push the results:

Push results menu.png

Note: the “clipboard” icon next to the command line will copy the command line to your clipboard.

Copy and paste the command line to your continuous integration tool post task. Here is an example with Travis-CI integration:

language: node_js
sudo: false

  - grunt qunit_junit qunit

  - curl -X POST -F file=@results.xml$SECRET_TOKEN/105/junit

And now you’re all set. Next time the CI task is ran and the test results will be uploaded to Hiptest.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 14.06.34